Adrien Proust Castle

The hills of white tufa (the local variety of limestone), blue slate roofs and the Loire river, with its changing moods, deserved well their classification as World Heritage by the UNESCO.

French home-sweet-home

Through 700 years of history, nothing changed in the view opened on the church and on the valleys of the rivers Loire and Vienne. But the old the middle-age fortress, which used to protect the march of Touraine, became a nice and welcoming mansion during the Renaissance.

Painted ceilings

In 1848, Adrien Proust acquired the castle and turned it into a fine living place, with painted panelings, gothic mantelpieces, long corridors and large rooms, inclining to long sleeps.

Decorated fireplaces with chimeras

The surroundings of Faleche meet our sweetest dreams: an immediate charm, a memory of the sweet days of childhood on the countryside.