The art de vivre

Loire Valley Colors holidays

Falèche lies at the heart of the renowned and protected area of the Natural Park of the Loire Valley (Loire-Anjou-Touraine).

Rent a house with blue ceddars

Stop a while, try and capture its soul, the intense and unique equilibrium of this pristine landscape with its many manors, churches and castles...

Bird watching vacations

Staying in Falèche is a delightful experience: meeting with friends an evening on the terrace around a glass of Chinon wine, when the dawn reflects in the blue cedar trees and turns the river in a colorful mirror.

Vienne river trip

Experience living like Robinson on the wild banks of the river Vienne, have a boat trip on the Loire river and watch how the exquisite villages of Candes and Montsoreau, two of France’s finest villages, get afire as both rivers merge in the setting sun...